Thursday, 20 February 2014

AKÜ Encourages Responsible Traveling in Developing Countries

Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation (AKÜ) calls on travellers to behave responsibly when traveling to developing countries, so the adventure would benefit the local people as well as the environment. Travelling to developing countries is a growing trend among European adventure-seekers. It is wise to consider what impacts the transport, accommodation and entertainment program will have on the local community. Buying from local merchants is not the only way visitors can contribute to the local growth, they can also have an effect on school attendance, conservation of nature or women’s employment.

AKÜ’s policy officer Evelin Andrespok explains: “During a recent study trip to Cambodia we learned how the explosion of the tourist industry has also brought about the business of orphanage tourism, where children are often used for profit from tourists. A responsible traveller should avoid encouraging such behaviour and support the children through more effective means, like the abundant social entrepreneurship restaurants and shops found in Cambodia.”

Responsible and ethical tourism is doable for everyone, but it requires a little bit of extra planning and dedication to a just cause.

More information available in Estonian on AKÜ’s blog.

Photo by AKÜ: Tourists at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. 

Information provided by AKÜ

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