Thursday, 20 February 2014

#DAREtalks: DEEEPs webinar series started this month!

Among the various activities, organizing webinars is an important mission for DEEEP in 2014. The first one on global education in the Post-2015 debate successfully took place last week!

Watch the video here

The webinars are divided in 2 strands with different focuses: Firstly, "The world citizens’ conversations" which will be the perfect tool to keep discussing in an innovative way within the Global Citizens Movement which had its birth at the Global Conference in Johannesburg last year. It will allow the participants of our online platform to continue exchanging in a more personal approach and to foster the involvement of the participants in a subject-oriented way.

Secondly, DEEEP offers "The transformative conversations". These webinars will be ideal to explore and discuss the experimental and transformative journey DEEEP is taking towards new ways of thinking and working in the development and global education sector. The webinars are open for your input and your contribution.

The webinars will take place on a monthly basis and will be announced on our platform and through social media. The videos will be available on YouTube

For more information check out or contact us

Video about the Global Conference in Johannesburg out now! 
DEEEP is happy to finally share with you the long awaited video documentation of the Global Conference! You can see it here. In November 2013, in the framework of the Civil Society Week, 200 citizens from around the world met in Johannesburg (South Africa). This conference co-organised by CONCORD, CIVICUS and GCAP aimed to start building a Global Citizens Movement.

In 2 days, a lot of connections were created and all the participants endorsed the "Johannesburg Compass: questions and orientations", text aiming to evolve parallel to the Movement, as a first engagement of the participants towards this community.

More info and text on

Information provided by Carolin Erikson, DEEEP

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