Wednesday, 11 September 2013

VIDC looking for DEAR and IPA Partners

VIDC (Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Co-operation) is interested in joining a proposal submission as co-applicant/partner under the EU NSA LA DEAR Call, which is expected to be launched in October 2013. VIDC is interested in a co-operation on the following topics: (•) Gender and development, (•) Culture and development, (•) Football and development.

VIDC further invites interested organisations to jointly submit a proposal under the EU Call to combat trafficking in human beings (DG Home Affairs - ISEC 2013). Most victims trafficked to Western Europe particularly Austria come from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Organisations working in these countries for and with victims are encouraged to contact VIDC.

More information and contacts via the TRIALOG website.

Information provided by TRIALOG

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