Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cyprus: Global Awareness for Youth

Future Worlds Center from Cyprus launched two new global education projects in cooperation with other European and an African partner.

The project “Youth of the World! Mainstreaming global awareness in Youth Work” was launched in 2013 to mainstream awareness about global issues within the activities of youth organisations, working in different spheres of youth work. The project will include activities such as research, training seminars, international workshop, international summer school, educational activities, development of resource materials, while also catering to the special needs of every group we work with.

The project aims to: 1) Increase public awareness among young citizens on the global interdependencies between EU and developing countries; 2) Increase engagement of young people in promoting fairer relations in the world and sustainable way of living; 3) Better integration of global development issues into the non- formal educational sphere regarding young people.

This Europe Aid project is coordinated and implemented by an international partnership of European partners from Bulgaria, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Scotland, Cyprus and an associate partner from Sub Saharan Africa, Ghana. For Cyprus, the project is coordinated by Future Worlds Center and the Global Education Unit.

For more information see the project’s website or contact: or

The World from our Doorstep” project was launched in February 2013, with the aim of raising awareness and changing the attitudes of young children towards development issues and ensuring they can take action to support sustainable ways of living. The project will introduce development issues to young children through the concepts of interconnectedness, sustainability and fairness. This will be achieved by working with pre-school practitioners, infant teachers, teaching assistants and other adult helpers. A range of stimulating learning resources such as story books will be used, as well as outdoor/experiential learning. The project is being coordinated by the Cumbria Development Education Centre in England, in partnership with Future Worlds Center in Cyprus, Institute for Global Responsibility in Poland and ACRI in Bulgaria.

For more information see the project’s website or contact:

Picture: The World from our Doorstep project.  

Information provided by Ümran Avni, Intern,  

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