Wednesday, 11 September 2013

SLOGA’s Annual Strategic Meeting with the Executive Council

At the beginning of September the Slovenian NGDO Platform - SLOGA organised its annual strategic meeting with the executive council. The executive council consists of elected NGO members from the Platform's member organisations, thus constituting a representative body of SLOGA's members.

The meeting was organised for the second year in a row with the aim of reflecting and evaluating SLOGA's progress and setting the trajectory of our future work. In these unpredictable times, full of political and economic uncertainty in Slovenia and Europe, setting strategic goals for development cooperation is a challenging task. It is even more challenging due to the fact that we are facing the crucial process that will set the future shape and direction of development cooperation – the post MDGs agenda. Consequently, a lot of discussions were directed at the changing landscape of development cooperation and the need to include a broad range of interested groups and individuals in the debate on the future of our world. An important focus of this year's strategic meeting was strategic planning of development cooperation advocacy activities for the period of the next 3 years, putting it at the core of SLOGA's activity plan for that period. The post-2015 process, PCD and Slovenia's strategic documents for development cooperation will be at the core of SLOGA's advocacy activities for the next 3 years, which will hopefully also enhance the NGOs’ capacities in this field.

Information provided by Aleš Rovšnik, SLOGA  

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