Monday, 27 May 2013

Stories from Slovenian Development Assistance in Montenegro

Institute Circle focuses its development work in the north of Montenegro, where a high poverty rate leads to many environmental, social, education and economic problem.

In April 2013, Institute Circle, in collaboration with Emma and the Centre for Social Work Šiška Ljubljana, organised a technical seminar for the judiciary and the police on domestic violence in Plav, Montenegro. The Director of the Centre for Social Work Plav, which is a partner organisation in the project, invited participants to work together, for a cooperation of governmental and non-governmental organisations, and she expressed a desire for better conditions and a lower level of violence in the city. Seminar participants signed a declaration against violence in the family and society. Seminar participants expressed the opinion that Montenegro needs to improve cooperation between non-governmental organisations, the judiciary and the police. They also agreed on the fact that any seminars on this topic are welcome because there is a lack of education of government organisations and all present participants wanted to help improve the current situation. Above all, it is very important to share the conscience that we are all responsible toward society and, consequently, we have a duty to declare any form of violence. For this is the purpose in Plav there will be implemented a local social campaign against violence “Instead slaps, give a flower”.

Another seminar was organised for employees of the Day Centre for Children with Special Needs in Lipa. The activity took place within a three-year development project, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia. Representative of the Embassy of Slovenia in Montenegro visited the Centre.

Further, representative of the Institute Circle visited children and teachers from three primary schools, that took part in the sustainable project "From the environment to the family", in years 2010, 2011 and 2012. The children spent a rehabilitation week in Slovenia. With children and teachers stories and experiences that from our holiday were revived, we laughed, joked and sung a few songs. The representatives of the Institute Circle were very glad to have the opportunity to meet all. It was a pleasant feeling to see that they thought of us, of the events in Slovenia and everything they have experienced with us in Slovenia, they are carrying in their hearts. We were pleased that our project left a great impression to them and that the positive results of their stay with us are visible.

Photo: Group of school children from the project "From the environment to the family"

Information provided by Emina Hadžić, Zavod KROG

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