Monday, 27 May 2013

Global Campus - Students for Global Justice

The project Global Campus, jointly implemented by Suas (Ireland – lead organisation), Cardet (Cyprus), Südwind (Austria) and KOPIN (Malta), focuses on providing awareness raising, educational and action-oriented activities on the campuses of 13 universities across the four EU member states.

“Inspire, Educate & Engage” is a step-by-step participatory approach to motivate students as well as university staff to become active agents of change for more global social justice.

The three-year project (beginning 2013 – end 2015) focuses on issues related to the MDGs and the post-MDG agenda, i.e. on topics of global importance. In each country, the partners provide three activity cycles per annum, aiming at the involvement of 36,000 students, academic and administrative staff. Following the establishment of the consortium, the choice of a project name and logo (voted for by students themselves) and a baseline study on the knowledge of students about development issues, the partners are now planning the actions on campus, which will kick-off this summer.

The project is co-financed by EuropeAid of the European Commission, Irish Aid, Ireland’s aid agency, and the Austrian Development Agency, among others. For further information, contact the project partners whose details can be found on the respective websites, and soon also on the project’s website and social networking profiles.

Information provided by KOPIN Malta

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