Monday, 27 May 2013

Private Sector in Development

How can CSOs and Private Sector work together towards Development? Discussions on the role of the private sector in development have taken place for a long time. However, the EU’s new development policy – Agenda for Change – puts more focus on the role of economic growth to ensure development. This places private sector in the centre of the development debate.

This TRIALOG Policy Digest explores different forms the private sector is engaged in development, while putting special attention on civil society organisations’ (CSOs) cooperation with the private sector in development activities. Another focus is on EU level policy processes on the topic and suggestions how to get involved and influence them through civil society actions.

Download the digest here.

The digest was written by Inese Vaivare of the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation - Lapas and Gordan Bosanac of the Croatian Centre for Peace Studies in coordination with Mirjam Sutrop, TRIALOG Liaison Officer.

The TRIALOG Policy Digests provide insight to currently discussed development policy topics. They are written by drafting teams made up of TRIALOG partners and are published on a regular basis every other month. Find digests on more topics here.

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