Thursday, 31 January 2013

Towards a Croatian CSO Platform for Development Cooperation

Croatian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have started the consultation process for establishing a national CSO platform for development cooperation. 32 NGOs from all over Croatia have expressed the interest to participate in the consultation process which should lead to the formal registration of the platform.

In their yearly plan CSOs have decided to focus on 4 main topics:
1. Formal registration and capacity building of the platform,
2. To influence and to monitor state policy on development cooperation,
3. To take on a more pro-active role in shaping EU policies on development cooperation and
4. Self-reflection on development cooperation.

At the same time, the Croatian government made clear geographical and thematic priorities for development cooperation in 2013 which are: South-East Europe (with focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina), South Mediterranean (Morocco, Tunisia and Syria) and Afghanistan. Thematic priorities are: education, public health, tourism and development of civil society. The planned projects for 2013 will especially focus on promotion of protection and empowerment of women and girls rights, post-conflict transition and making stronger mechanisms for human rights protection of vulnerable groups particularly women, children, LGBT and other discriminated groups.

The Croatian Ministry for Foreign Affairs has also decided to support the establishment of a national CSO platform by publishing an open call for financial support to the potential platform. The results of the call are expected to be announced in February 2013. It is to be expected that by organising themselves in a platform, Croatian CSOs will influence more strongly state policy on development cooperation and take more pro-active role in monitoring and implementation of development cooperation.

Information provided by Gordan Bosanac, Centre for Peace Studies 

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