Monday, 6 February 2012

Slovak National Global Education Strategy Approved

In January 2012 the Government of the Slovak Republic approved the National Global Education Strategy for 2012-2016 together with the Action Plan for 2012 for this strategy. Slovakia has become the first one out of the EU new member states that have their strategy approved by the Government.

“A Global Education contributes to the development of critical thinking surrounding a global range of topics and further attaining a deeper understanding of themes which are of concern around the globe. The topics that Global Education (GE) covers offer the remit to change attitudes of individuals and strengthen one’s own value and position in the world. It motivates people to take responsibility and educates towards adopting values of an active global citizen.”

The documents were officially submitted jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic which are bound by the tasks from the Action Plan for implementation of the strategy for 2012. Both documents were put together in a multi-stakeholder process initiated by the Slovak NGDO Platform (MVRO). Two initial working groups were lead by Andrej Návojský from the People in Peril Association and Ivana Raslavská for Pontis Foundation. The finalization process was facilitated by the chairwoman of the Slovak NGDO Platform Nora Beňáková.

You can download the English version of the Strategy and Action Plan at

Information provided by Lenka Nemcová, Slovak NGDO Platform (MVRO)

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