Monday, 6 February 2012

ODA – Opinions, Discussions, Analysis: Policy Briefs of Zagranica Group

In the frame of Presidency Project, Zagranica Group began publishing a series of 5 policy briefs „ODA – Opinions, Discussions, Analysis”. Thanks to them Polish NGDOs, as well as administration and decisions-makers, had an opportunity to get familiar with the most recent development cooperation issues.

ODA1 „Policy Coherence of Development”: Why is Policy Coherence for Development essential for eliminating poverty? Is it possible to implement Policy Coherence for Development to Polis foreign policy? Read the policy brief here.

ODA2 "Economic growth and development": Despite declarations that the development should be socially and environmentally sustainable and as much inclusive as possible, it seems that we are getting back to discussing economic growth as the main development factor. An alternative point of view for development and its indicators in policy brief here.

ODA3 "Act on Development Cooperation. A missed opportunity or the opening for a new quality": The new Polish Development Cooperation Act came into force on 1st January 2012. What is the meaning of the new law for Polish non-governmental organizations? What are the main principles of the new Act and what still needs to be amended? Answers in the policy brief here.

ODA 4 "Development cooperation in the Multiannual Financial Framework": 2011 saw the beginning of negotiations on the new 7-year budget of the European Union, with active participation of Poland. The starting point was the European Commission’s proposal. Details in the policy brief here.

ODA 5 "Aid effectiveness after the 4th High Level Forum in Busan: progress or failure?": What are the results of Busan? How we – both as donors and executer of aid projects – can create mechanism to verify quality of our activity in partner countries? Answers in the policy brief here.

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