Friday, 5 June 2009

SLOGA promoting dialogue with different stakeholders

The Slovenian NGDO platform SLOGA has organised several activities between March and May 2009. An overview:

Preparing Manifesto for the Slovenian EP elections' candidates:
In cooperation with 5 of its working groups, SLOGA has prepared a Manifesto for the EP elections entitled »You too are part of this World – Represent the vulnerable«. It was officialy presented at a press conference and national consultation with development stakeholders on the 27th of May. Among the participants were 8 candidates from 5 political parties, 3 ministerial representatives and a representative from the Office of the President of the Republic of Slovenia. The candidates agreed that we need a responsible Europe in the world and effective development aid. They as well recognised the role of development NGOs in Slovenia and obliged themselves to promote civil dialogue once they are elected.

Slovenian minister for foreign affairs part of the solidarity run team:
In the framework of the Ljubljana Festival which took place from 7-9th of May, Slovenian foreign minister Samuel Žbogar ran for the "solidarity team" together with SLOGA coordinator Marjan Huč and manager of the Fair trade shop "3Muhe" Darja Urbas. The creation of such a team proved that both, the Slovenian MFA and NGDOs, are part of the same world and partners until the finish line – international development committments. After the run, the team was welcomed at the 3Muhe-shop by musicians and fair trade food.

Identifying Slovenian NGDO experiences in Africa:
Following the national NGDO consultation on the Slovenian priority countries in Africa on the 15th of March, SLOGA initiated a process to identify NGDO experiences in Africa. The conclusions reflect the reality: It is not possible to identify one single country where most of NGDOs could agree to work because the Slovenian NGDOs are present in various African countries with different development projects. SLOGA has been collecting questionnaires from NGDOs by the 15th of May and is currently preparing a position paper for the MFA.

Urging the MFA to establish a development project evaluation system:
At the SLOGA national seminar on development project evaluation on the 3rd of April, the SLOGA working group on ODA monitoring and evaluation called the Slovenian government to prepare an overall evaluation of Slovenian development cooperation since 2004, as well as to establish an evaluation system for future projects. The participants of the seminar, among them governmental representatives, agreed on the necessity to start a process of preparing national guidelines on development project evaluation by autumn 2009. Currently, the MFA is preparing a meeting for NGDOs about the evaluation results of project proposals which were submitted within the second call for co-financing of Slovenian NGDO development projects in sub-Saharan Africa and Neighbouring countries; the call had been launched in March 2009.

Information provided by Anja Mešič, SLOGA

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