Monday, 4 May 2009

Publication: Global Citizenship Education

The Maltese NGO Inizjamed, together with its partner organisations CIDAC (Portugal), Intermon Oxfam (Spain) and UCODEP (Italy), has launched a new publication: Global Citizenship Education. The school as a foundation for a fair world. The four development NGOs promote the recognition and inclusion of the contents and aims of Global Citizenship Education in all the official educational contexts in their respective countries.

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is a social movement that makes way for a new model of citizenship; one that is actively committed towards building a fair and sustainable world. In this light, GCE calls for the respect and the valorisation of diversity, the defense of the environment, responsible consumption and the respect of individual and social human rights.

This publication has been partly funded by the EU and by the National Lottery Good Causes Fund (Malta). It is being distributed for free to Maltese schools, educators and other stakeholders. It is available in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, as well. For further information or feedback, please contact

Information provided by Dominik Kalweit, Maltese NGDO platform SKOP

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