Thursday, 7 May 2009

Analysis of the Central Training outcomes

NGDO platforms from New EU Member States met in February at the annual TRIALOG Central Training to discuss their current core concerns (read more here). Now the final analysis and report about the outcomes is available! Please see the TRIALOG report: "The financial sustainability of national platforms in New Member States. Analysis & Future Perspectives. Trialog Central Training 2009 Vienna", by Petra Kreinecker and Christine Bedoya (Vienna, April 2009)

Further new documents and minutes which are quoted in the final analysis/report are:
Platform questionnaire – Hard facts:
Financial Sustainability Strategies & the related "BUTs":
Financial strategies of national platforms - country presentations:
CONCORD membership and fee system: Perspectives of national platforms - discussion:

For the now full documentation of the Central Training (incl. minutes, videos, photos, presentations), please visit our website:

Information provided by Anita Bister, TRIALOG

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