Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Final documentation of the Regional Partnership Programme

After a four year period the Regional Partnership Programme (RPP) is coming to an end with April 2009. With this unique initiative that was set up between the NGDO platforms of EU New Member States Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia together with the Austrian EU-Platform a Central European Dialogue on development cooperation issues between the NGDOs as well as with governments and other stakeholders in the region was established.

The two recently published brochures are summarizing the "Lessons Learnt" and the "Results and Perception" of the Regional Partnership Programme, offering a useful tool for similar projects aiming for regional cooperation. They complement the first RPP publication "Learning by doing" issued in September 2008 about the RPP pilot project fund (see

According to the main goals of the programme on establishing sustainable dialogue and cooperation between the NGDO platforms of the RPP-countries, strengthening their capacities, creating forums for constructive dialogue between them and their respective national governments and implementing pilot projects in development awareness and development cooperation, the brochure "Results and Perception" clearly states that the Regional Partnership Programme proved to be a great success in all of the pursued goals. The added value lies in the establishment of higher networking opportunities among the countries, allowing a learning process through the sharing of common experiences and practices and the better positioning of platforms as important dialogue partners with relevant stakeholders such as ministries and member NGDOs.

The brochure on “Lessons learnt” is focused on programming and planning, budgeting structure, management and coordination, pilot projects, NGDO platforms cooperation and the relationship between NGDO platforms, ministries and government agencies. It stresses the importance of detailed planning while being aware of the different needs and legal statuses of the involved stakeholders. Despite the difficulties and the coordinating challenges of such a programme, projects with the setting of transnational cooperation can be seen as a model for the future.

The documentation will be presented at the final event of the Regional Partnership Programme on April 16, 2009 in Vienna. For more details, please turn to the Events section:

The two new RPP brochures are available at:

Information provided by Danijela Janosevic, RPP

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