Friday, 3 April 2009

External evaluation on third TRIALOG phase

As foreseen in the contract with the European Commission, an external evaluation on TRIALOG III (September 2006 to September 2009) was carried out between January and March 2009. The evaluator Dr. Norbert Frieters put emphasis on the multitude of tasks and activities of TRIALOG: “On the one side TRIALOG cooperates with different actors in twelve New Member States of the European Union and further more, with key actors in some Old Member States and some Candidate Countries. On the other side TRIALOG itself is an important actor in the field of non governmental development cooperation and awareness raising on European Level.”

The results of this evaluation are again – as recent previous evaluations (2006, 2008) – very positive about TRIALOG and state that “TRIALOG has more than achieved most of its aims and quantifiable outcomes” outlined in the EC contract. The interviewed coordinators/directors and board members of national platforms in New Member States and from some Old Member States judged TRIALOG III as an important and successful project. In all of the main activity areas of TRIALOG (Capacity Building, Support of National Platforms, Networking, Policy, Advocacy and Information) TRIALOG achieved excellent results and significant impacts on national and European level according to the evaluation.

For more information please read the Executive Summary at:

For previous evaluations, please see: (EC Development Education Evaluation 2008) (External Evaluation 2006)

Information provided by Christine Bedoya, TRIALOG

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