Thursday, 5 March 2009

EC presentation during the Multistakeholders meeting

On the 25th of February 2009, the "Non-state actors and local authorities in development (NSA-LA) Multistakeholders Meeting" – also known as the “Quadrilogue” Meeting – convened by Mr. Ridolfi, Head of the EC's EuropeAid Cooperation Office (Direction F “Thematic Programm”) – took place, bringing together representatives from the EC, the European Parliament, the Member States and European Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

Mr. Ridolfi gave a presentation (see link below) on the results of the Call for Proposals 2007, on the Annual Action Plan 2008 and 2009 and on the results of the external evaluation of the EC-programme on Development Education over the last 10 years (see also related TIS article at:

Although the presentation did not only tackle very new topics, some very interesting and relevant information from the EC´s perspective was given:

The contract results demonstrate, that projects with lead agencies from New Member States (NMS), financed within the Development Co-operation Instrument DCI for projects in developing countries, will receive only 0,3% of the budget-line's total amount (see slide Nr. 13).

As a conclusion regarding the already past Call for Proposal-procedure of the 2007 budget, he highlighted, that “NMS are highly represented in partnerships (regarding projects within the thematic line NSA-LA “Public awareness and education for development in Europe “), although further efforts need to be made to encourage their participation as main applicants” (see slide Nr. 24).

As the Call for Proposals 2008 on “Public awareness and education for development in Europe“ has been closed only some two weeks ago (February 17, 2009), the preliminary information about the number of received concept notes is still very global: the EC received 400 project proposals in total, 62 more than in the past year (see slide Nr. 28).

We would like to highlight the published “plans ahead” of the EC for the next steps: the contracting of the selected projects is scheduled for the time between January and March 2010, while the next Call for Proposals with the planned budget of the year 2010, will be launched in March or April next year (see slide Nr. 43).

For further information, download the EC presentation from the following link:

Information provided by Petra Kreinecker, TRIALOG

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