Monday, 2 March 2009

April 18-26, 2009: Course on Peacebuilding, Stadtschlaining/Austria

The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) organises a Course on “Peacebuilding”, sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports. The Course will take place from 18-26 April 2009 at the premises of the ASPR in Stadtschlaining / Austria.

The upcoming Peacebuilding Course seeks to support relevant institutions of EU Member States, EU candidate countries and OSCE participating states in training experts from a wide range of professional and organisational backgrounds who are already involved or plan to become involved in planning and implementing Peacebuilding activities, either from their home base in governmental or non-governmental organisations or in a leading position in the field.

With this course on Peacebuilding experts from governments, civil society, police and military, the private sector, international institutions and agencies as well as international non-governmental organisations will be prepared and supported for their engagement in crisis prevention, crisis management, humanitarian aid and development cooperation.

Nominees are requested to send their application for the Peacebuilding course not later than 19 March 2009.

For further information about the Peacebuilding Course, the nomination of participants, application and costs, please see the following links:

Invitation letter:
Course Concept/Appendix 1:
Info-Note on Nomination/Application/Appendix 2:
Application Form/Appendix 3:

Any further questions regarding the Peacebuilding course should be directed to Ursula Gamauf, ASPR,

Information provided by Ursula E. Gamauf, ASPR

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