Friday, 6 March 2009

AidWatch Workshop in Vienna

A number of people responsible for producing the AidWatch report in their countries gathered in Vienna for an AidWatch workshop which was hosted in the TRIALOG offices. The session, on Thursday 5 March 2009, led by CONCORD AidWatch Coordinator Jasmine Burnley and AidWatch report writer Javier Perriera, took participants through the questionnaire used to collect the data, and discussions around its analysis. The main topics that will be covered within the Europe-wide AidWatch report include ownership, conditionality and predictability, as well as transparency.

This session, and a similar workshop held in Malta in February, are part of a longer term capacity development strategy that aims to increase the knowledge and skills of the different platforms (especially in the new member states) and networks involved in AidWatch work, allowing them to contribute more fully to the annual report.

For more information see the AidWatch pages on the CONCORD website:

Information provided by Rebecca Steel, TRIALOG

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