Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Countdown for the GLEN Eurizons 2007 Tour

"We are part of this world - let's be part of its future"

After the successful campaign in 2006, GLEN Eurizons, the European Tour for Global Responsibility, will also take place in 2007.

The last preparations are running: young Europeans from 14 countries are getting ready for the great summer adventure with a noble goal. Between August 22nd and September 13th 2007, a team of 60 campaigners will hitch-hike 3000 km through 8 European countries, joining 8 events in 8 cities and creating a colorful development education caravan.

On their way they want to:
- raise awareness and educate about global interdependencies and development issues and involve Europeans in an active reflection of their responsibility;
- remind politicians to fulfill their promisses towards the 8 Millennium Development Goals and
- stand up for fair trade regulations within the EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) negotiations.

The highlight of this year's tour will be the meeting with the members of the European Parliament in Brussels, where the "Eurizonists" will bring the voices and opinions of European public to the discussion about trade policy and currently criticized EPAs with the ACP countries.

As last year, the campaign was thoroughly prepared. TRIALOG supported the preparation team members from NGOs in the new EU member states. Two capacity building seminars in Krakow and Gdansk took place. In the beginning of July the team had its final meeting - now the real countdown starts - in less than 4 weeks Eurizons will hit the road and 'rock' the cities of Riga (LV), Krakow (PL), Bratislava (SK), Praha (CZ), Basel (CH), Freiburg (DE), Nancy (FR) and Brussels (BE) with street actions, political street theatre, panel discussions, development education workshops, concerts and much more - everyone's sincerely invited!

For details on the events schedule, background info, news from the tour, discussions in the weblog, photos and contact details please go to http://www.eurizons.net/. Eurizons is a project of GLEN, the Global Education Network of Young Europeans, please visit http://www.glen-europe.org/

For more information please contact the project coordinator of Eurizons, Christoph Hinske, at: christoph.hinske@eurizons.net

Information provided by Zuzana Kissova, Eurizons

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