Friday, 26 June 2015

SLOGA and CROSOL started a joint project as a part of EYD

In June 2015, the CSO platforms of Croatia - CROSOL, and Slovenia - SLOGA started activities as part of the ARSICRO project, financed by CONCORD, to mark the EYD - European Year for Development 2015.

In the Croatian city of Rijeka a whole day showkitchen event took place on 17th of June including an art show and a cook book promotion. Asylum seekers together with volunteers were cooking the meals from their home countries – Nigeria, Algeria and Senegal. In the evening, citizens of Rijeka could try their meals and hear their life stories.

The second showkitchen event happened in Zagreb on 20th of June. The chefs this time were from Ethiopia, Iran, Senegal, Algeria, USA and BIH, some of them were just visiting Croatia, some of them are living here with their family, and some are asylum seekers. In the evening meals were presented in the center of Zagreb together with the cookbook. The citizens could taste hummus, falafel, baba ganush, two types of rice, Ethiopian shirou and fir fir and Croatian traditional cake.

 In the photo: showkitchen group in Rijeka. 

 Information provided by Ela Narandja, CROSOL

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