Friday, 26 June 2015

News from the Czech NGO Platform FoRS

FoRS-Czech Forum for Development Co-operation has recently organized a couple of events for its members as well as other entities. The first one -workshop on private fundraising- was supported by TRIALOG and was organized in cooperation with Czech Fundraising Center on May 12 – 13. FoRS members learned advantages and disadvantages of corporate fundraising, different forms of support from private companies as well as the necessary steps to suceed in establishing long-term cooperation with these entities. There was also space for discussion about possible ways of cooperation in fundraising, especially from individual donors, within the platform FoRS.

The following two events were supported by DEEEP4 EC grants. The workshop „How to jointly promote changes: advocacy workshop not only for development education and awareness raising“ (May 21, 2015) was organized for FoRS members and their partners to help DEAR practitioners to enhance their own policy and advocacy capacities. The participants could better understand the importance of advocacy and its relation to their own work and learn how to effectivelly plan and carry out advocacy activities related to NGOs´ topics from concrete examples of good advocacy practice of Czech NGOs. They could also discuss opportunities for joint advocacy work at the regional and national level as well as what to do in case of limited capacities for advocacy work. The outcomes of the discussions about the joint advocacy work were recorded and will be used for the following work of the FoRS Working Group gathering the DEAR practitioners.

The national seminar „Vision for Education: Open Gate for Debate“ (June 4, 2015) was held within the European Sustainable Development Week and its participants from NGOs, academia, public administration and businesses could discuss a recent open document - vision for education for our common future. It was prepared by a working group of representatives of NGOs, universities and other entities in the context of the finalization of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as current debates on reforms of the Czech educational system. According to this document, in a interconnected and rapidly changing world it is increasingly evident that education does not only mean preparation for a concrete profession, but should also provide young people with skills, which would help them live a successful life and at the same time will contribute to sustainable development of the society as a whole. Thanks to this event the discussion with the business representatives has been started and some of them have also expressed their willingness to participate more in the further process associated with the promotion and implementation of the vision.

Photos are available here.

Information provided by Marie Zázvorková, FoRS Liaison Officer

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