Thursday, 23 January 2014

News from DEEEP

DEEEP, a project initiated by the CONCORD Development Education Forum to mobilise global citizens for systemic change and global justice,  launched a new online platform

Focusing on their recent conference for the moment, this portal will progressively replace the current website.This will be soon the perfect place for you to search for information about global education, meet new people active in Global Justice, find resources on the online library, exchange about the latest hot topics...

Two articles including the input of DEEEP research officer, Amy Skinner, have been published in November 2013:

Article 1: Development Education in International Development Policy: Raising Quality through Critical Pedagogy and Global Skills. The essay provides a background overview of the key challenges of the education goals in international development up until now and provides some food for thought and initial arguments for why it is important to make global citizenship education a key focus of any education initiatives on the post-2015 framework. 

Article 2: Catalysing the shadow spaces: challenging development discourses from within the DEEEP project. This article explores the idea of applied development education at organisational level in order to critically reflect on current development paradigms within which we are working and how we as development educators can promote change from within.

Source: DEEEP Times December 2013


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