Thursday, 23 January 2014

Foundation from Malta Opened Orphanage in Madagscar

The “Arnaud Guesry Foundation” is a Maltese registered charity set up in 2012 with the idea of using a small budget and efficient facilitation to make a real difference. Since then they have opened an orphanage in Northern Madagascar in an attempt to tackle extreme poverty through child development.

The focus of the foundation, which is also member of the Maltese NGDO platform SKOP, is to provide a safe and happy domestic environment in as much of a family setting as possible for children for whom they are the only option. The foundation takes full moral and legal responsibility for the health and happiness of the children in their care. Children are provided with education, nutrition, security, healthcare and everything else any normal family would provide.

The Arnaud Guesry Foundation is currently preparing to move into a new, purpose built, establishment, which will see a growth from a capacity of 20 children to 60. To that end they are currently having a drive toward increasing interest in our child-sponsorship, volunteering and donation programs. Whether you are interested in fundraising, volunteering or can simply help to spread the word, we encourage you to read more about the project either on the website at or through the Facebook page under ‘The Arnaud Guesry Foundation’.

The acting Director, Christina Lejman, would also be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please email her directly at:

Photo: Children in front of the orphanage, Arnaud Guesry Foundation

Information provided provided by Christina Lejman

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