Thursday, 19 December 2013

Introductory Workshop on Policy Coherence for Development in Romania

On the 6th of December 2013, The Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND organized in Bucharest for the first time an Introductory Workshop on Policy Coherence for Development (PCD). This event was addressed to FOND Policy and Advocacy Working Group members, other NGOs and resource persons (trade union, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) interested in this topic (approx. 20 persons attended the workshop).

The aim of this initiative was to introduce Romanian NGDOs to PCD as a key policy issue at European, international and national level. The specific objectives of the workshop were: to build knowledge of participants on policy coherence for development (institutional framework, concrete examples of incoherencies from EU15 and EU13 member states); to introduce to participants tools for effective advocacy in PCD (using examples/best practices from NGO work); develop participants’ capacity/ skills on identifying examples of incoherencies within the framework of Romania’s ODA policy.

The cases of incoherencies identified and discussed during the workshop included topics such as: migration, climate change and policy incoherencies regarding ODA disbursement to the Rep. of Moldova (main beneficiary of Romanian ODA). Regarding facilitation, FOND benefited from the support of the CONCORD PCD Working Group, by having as trainer one of its members, Njeri Jensen (Policy and Research Officer, CONCORD Denmark).

This workshop was organized as part of the PCD project “World-Wise Europe: A more coherent Europe for a fairer world”, funded by the European Commission.

More photos are available here.

Information provided by Adela Rusu, FOND Romania.

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