Monday, 24 January 2011

Development Education Summer School 2011

“Quality and Impact in Development Education” Finland, June 12 – 18, 2011

You are an NGO practitioner? You have some experience on Quality and Impact in Development Education? Then do not miss the chance to participate in the Development Education Summer School 2011 co-organised by DEEEP and Kehys, which will take place in Finland from June 12 to June 18! This year the focus will be on Quality and Impact, a “hot” topic for development education. The event will be a mixture of theory and practice, through thematic sessions and working groups! Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a conference of the European Multi stakeholder Group on Development Education, and meet with the members of such group.
  • How do we define process quality in Development Education?
  • How do we define, plan for and measure impact in DE?
  • The role of methods/methodology in good quality DE work
  • The importance of good quality partnerships, networking and information sharing in DE
  • How can we incorporate quality in each process phase (planning – implementation – evaluation)?

Such questions will be at the heart of the summer school! The selection of participants is now open! Read carefully the DESS presentation and fill in the application form! If you are working in the EU, send your application to the representative of your national platform before January 24, 2011! (Contacts in the DESS description)! If you are not working in the EU, send your application directly to Riikka Suhonnen ( and Cinthia Alaerts (, by January 24 2011.The organisers are one expert, to guide the participants in this one week long learning experience! If you feel you could be take over the role of expert, send your application to Riikka Suhonnen ( and Cinthia Alaerts ( before February 1, 2011. Do not wait until the last minute to send your application!

Information provided by Chiara Tripepi, DEEEP

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