Monday, 24 January 2011

CSOs demand holistic view of development: TRIALOG Conference in Nicaragua

From 24 to 26 of November 2010 around 120 representatives of civil society organisations (CSO) from various parts of the world gathered in Nicaragua at the conference “Global Crossroads: The Role and Perspectives of CSOs in Development Cooperation” to reflect on these issues in the North and South in promoting inclusive and sustainable development. The conference was organised by TRIALOG, HORIZONT3000 and the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Cost in Nicaragua (URACCAN).

The conference reiterated that CSOs claiming legitimacy as genuine agents for a positive change, must be based on the eight Istanbul principles of the Open Forum for Development Effectiveness and commit themselves to work together globally. Additionally, special attention should be paid to the concept of “buen vivir”, or “collective well-being”, as basis for development. For indigenous peoples “collective well-being” – to live well and with dignity - brings about physical, mental and spiritual health, leading to a life in complete harmony, complementarity and the most profound respect for Pacha Mama (mother earth).

TRIALOG had invited about 30 representatives from the New European Member States to participate in the conference and organised study visits to development cooperation projects following the conference. During the field trips people got an insight into the community work of the URACCAN university in the Autonomous Atlantic Regions of Nicaragua. For many it was the first time in a developing country outside of Europe, and the experiences will certainly be reflected in the development education work of many of the participants.

The full documentation and the final declaration will soon be available on the TRIALOG website

Information provided by Ulrike Bey, TRIALOG

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