Friday, 31 October 2008

Nov./Dec. 2008: TRIALOG training on EC funded development education projects

The EC Call for Proposals in "Public Awareness and Education for Development in Europe" within the "Non-State Actors and Local Authorities programme" is expected to be launched in November or December 2008. In preparation of this upcoming Call, TRIALOG will hold 3 decentralised training events: one in Latvia and two in cooperation with the "Global Initiative on Psychiatry" in Lithuania and Bulgaria, with the aim to prepare local development NGOs to actively participate in the EC call, to be aware of all related issues and successfully develop project proposals, possibly together with other European partners.

The training events will focus on the following issues:
- Introduction into the topic of “Development Education and Awareness Raising”
- Introduction into European funding posssibilities, with focus on the budgetline “Non State Actors - Local Authorities”
- Partner search for EU-funded development education projects in Europe
- Explanation of the guidelines (Call for Proposal 2008)
- Elements of the logframe
- Eligible costs and the (EU-project-)budget

The dates for the training events are:
Vilnius (Lithuania): November 11-12
Riga (Latvia): November 25-27
Sofia (Bulgaria): December 4-5

Local development NGOs who would still like to register for one of the trainings, please contact TRIALOG Capacity Building Officer Petra Kreinecker at or get in touch with your national NGDO platform representatives.

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