Friday, 31 October 2008

The EPAN Working Group meets again

Members of the CONCORD working group on Enlargement, Pre-Accession and Neighbourhood (EPAN) which is convened by TRIALOG met in the middle of October for one of the group’s twice-yearly meetings in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. The agenda included updates on the group’s work since the last meeting and brainstorming of ideas for next year’s work plan.

The group is divided into two subgroups. One focuses on the EU’s neighbourhood policy, and is currently preparing for the funding instrument’s (ENPI) mid term review next year through two case studies, looking at the situation in two neighbouring countries – Egypt and Ukraine. The second subgroup is working on pre-accession issues, including access of civil society organisations to funding under the relevant instrument (IPA) and preparing ways to contribute to this instrument’s mid term review in 2010.

The meeting agenda covered points related to CONCORD processes, such as the strategic framework that is currently being drafted, and preparations for the European elections 2009.

Other highlights were provided by the guest speakers – one from the city’s university, who gave an academic perspective of the current situation in Georgia; and a second from an organisation providing training to government departments in the Western Balkans.

The group elected two new members into the steering group, and has a long list of interesting things to do before it meets again as a full working group in March 2009, in Brussels.

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Information provided by Rebecca Steel, TRIALOG

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