Thursday, 20 December 2007

Round table discussion in Lithuania

The round table discussion on „Lithuanian development cooperation. Role of NGO‘s and participation of our society“ took place in Druskininkai on December 13-14, 2007. The meeting was initiated by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in cooperation with member organizations of the Lithuanian NGDO platform.

There were several important issues discussed during this meeting: the evaluation of the results of the 2007 development cooperation (DC) program, the guidelines of development cooperation action for 2008, the role of NGOs in the implementation of the DC policy and the role of the Lithuanian NGDO platform. The subject of information and education of the Lithuanian society concerning DC was also widely discussed.

Lina Kalibataite, board member of the Lithuanian NGDO platform, reports: "The seminar was useful and important to both sides – the representatives of NGOs and the MFA. It was for the first time that we all together discussed the Lithuanian DC policy implementation, ways and possibilities and shared our ideas and concerns. We got to know each other better which is very important for the further success of our cooperation. As representatives of NGOs we noted the interest of MFA officials in our ideas and work and the willingness to cooperate. We all have agreed that these kinds of seminars are useful and necessary for both sides."

Information provided by Lina Kalibataite, Lithuanian NGDO platform/Lithuanian Kolping society,

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