Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Learn Spanish and gain Voluntary Work Experience in Social Projects in Guatemala

INEPAS, a non-profit organization from Guatemala, is performing a range of social, legal, and humanitarian projects within the framework of developing rural communities in and around Quetzaltenango. INEPAS functions solely with the help of national and international volunteers who offer their support, professional talent and work experience in diverse fields. INEPAS generates the necessary funds for its social aid programs through its Spanish language school.

They offer a variety of options for individuals wishing to learn Spanish:
  • The Language Immersion Program: for those whose primary aim is to learn Spanish.
  • The Service Learning Program: for those who wish to learn Spanish in the context of voluntary work. This consists of intensive one-to-one Spanish tuition each weekday morning and in the afternoons, students can participate in one of our social programs. Working directly with communities increases the desire and motivation to learn the Spanish language, whilst the classroom time enables participants to be more effective in their work in those communities.
  • Voluntary Internships: both in Social Projects and as an International Co-ordination Assistant. This may be for gap-year students of social work, education, teaching or psychology, or for students seeking experience in administration, marketing or tourism within a development organization.

If you would like to receive more information about the organisation, please download their folder, visit the website at or contact INEPAS at

Information provided by María Antonieta Ixcoteyac Velásquez, INEPAS

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