Friday, 16 December 2011

CONCORD working group on Enlargement, Pre-Accession and Neighbourhood meets in Warsaw

The CONCORD EPAN working group, which TRIALOG convenes, met in the middle of November for one of its six-monthly meetings. The group, which brought together participants from all over Europe, combined its regular working group meeting with a seminar on democracy and development, described in more detail in the article Zagranica Seminar Development and Democracy in EU External Policy.

The working group’s agenda was dominated by making plans for the coming year, and participants spent time working in subgroups as well as coming together in full plenary sessions to share information and discuss central themes. One important aspect of the agenda was a session on evaluation, where some of the common challenges faced by the group were discussed and solutions put forward. The second day brought the participants into contact with national NGO representatives and speakers from Polish institutions as well as speakers from the European Commission and European External Action Service. This gave everyone an opportunity to deepen their understanding of a number of European initiatives linked to strengthening democracy in the neighbouring countries of the EU.

The EPAN work plan for 2012, as well as the minutes of the Warsaw meeting will be available shortly on the TRIALOG and CONCORD/EPAN websites.

Information provided by Rebecca Steel-JasiƄska, TRIALOG

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