Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Provisional results of last EC development education call

The statistics from the EC on the results of the 2007 Call in Development Education (ED) within the budget line 21-02-03 are now available. Note that it is provisional data and some changes are still possible. The final results of approved projects and further analyses will become available in the beginning of 2009.

The preliminary EC data already shows that new member states (NMS) NGOs have participated much more as partners than as applicants. Only 3 project contracts will be signed by NMS organisations from Malta, Poland and Slovakia. That seems few, but when we look at the whole picture, all NMS are well represented as European partners in the selected projects: in total 59 NMS organisations will be partners in projects led by old member states NGOs: Bulgaria (11), Cyprus (1), Czech Republic (8), Estonia (5), Hungary, (6), Latvia (1), Lithuania (2), Malta (5), Poland (5), Romania (8), Slovakia (4) and Slovenia (3).

During the previous ED Call for Proposals 2006, NMS have been prioritised by smoother criteria and by the provision of an extra-budget. This time, during the CfP 2007, some smoother criteria were kept, but the NMS had to compete with the very experienced NGOs from OMS within one budget. This might be one of the reasons for the small number of lead agencies from NMS. Another reason seems to be the fact, that bigger NMS NGOs haven´t submitted projects this year as they signed contracts for their successful projects of the previous call only in December 2007 and have started to implement their projects in the beginning of 2008.

Download the preliminary results of the 2007 ED call from: http://www.trialog.or.at/images/doku/ed2007-preliminary-results.pdf

The next Call for Proposals 2008 is expected to be launched at the beginning of December 2008. Rumours say that this time the EC will give the NGOs a 60 days preparation time (instead of 45days) until the deadline for the Concept Note, in view of the Christmas and New Years break. It is foreseen, that – according to the Annual Action Plan 2008 – the EC will include in the upcoming Call for Proposals 2008 the budgets of 2 years - 2008 and 2009. This means that more money will be available for the upcoming Call, but it also implies that the following Call for Proposals will be published not earlier than in summer 2010!

Information provided by Petra Kreinecker, TRIALOG, on basis of information from EuropeAid

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